Virtual Fitness Club for the Soul

We are a smart virtual club and community, like a virtual gym for body, mind and soul.

Together, we are students that work on various aspects of our human needs. You pay membership by being a good student, and optionally make money as a mentor.

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It only takes knowledge and a bit of guts to master life.

Be the change, crush your goals, steer your life to financial and emotional wellness, join others in similar journeys. 

smart gym for the body, mind and soul. 

Enter a community where we seek that change happens that challenges and helps you achieve your potential.

  • We focus on bettering various aspects from our hierarchy of needs.
  • We work to have discipline to train each of them.
  • Everyone is on a different journey, you work at your own pace.
  • Being in a community to ask and share, support and help you keep your focus.
  • Pay without money by giving back.
  • Pay with money to support the project and community.

Online courses, webinars, one-on-ones, .

We have a network of mentors of related subjects to our goal themes.

Some skills we work on can include:

Absorb information faster, Learn how to learn, Ability to adapt and overcome, Meditation, The ability to verbalize what you think and feel, Ability to sale and negotiate, Knowing how to listen, Ability to self-motivate, Discipline, Time Management, Ability to read, understand, and memorize, Ability to break down a process into steps, Self-analysis, Emotional intelligence and empathy, Self respect and having a back on, Ability to generate ideas that have value.

Learn things in order, more than one stream of income, 



Arts & crafts, beauty, health, home, hygiene, martial arts, therapeutic methods.


Education orientation, innovation, knowledge, Networking, meditation, make money online, mental health, psychology, philosophy, social dynamics, work.


Wisdom, collaboration, discipline, self esteem, philanthropy, c. sustainable economy, volunteering,



You register for FREE, fill out some questionnaires, help us understand you, your needs, your abilities a bit better. You start 

Learn + network + teach

We are a network of students and mentors. Courses, webinars, training sessions, one-on-ones.


Track your growth

We track your needs, your growth on several indices. We generate feedback info for analysis.

Constance, discipline, real changes, learn, apply, iterate.

You give constant feedback so we can track and analyze.

Wellness Box

Conscious consumerism, artisanal, handmade, healthy physical products & crafts, help others. A monthly surprise box of products. Include donation/help.

We devise a surprise box you can get yourself of give as a gift to club members.

We work with various causes where money can be useful.

Payment & Economy

Being a member is free of money, you pay by participating whole heartedly.

You can optionally make money by being a mentor.

How we get, how we use it.

Money pays for products and mentors. You learn to teach, you pass knowledge, earn points. When you become a mentor you can earn money.


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Learn + network + teach


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Unrestricted access to community

Learn + network + teach

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Unrestricted access to community

Learn + network + teach